Fluent in four languages (French, Spanish, Catalan and English), Mrs Rose-Marie QUINTANA graduated in both law and foreign languages, which is a considerable asset when drawing up international contracts or assisting you in the relevant language.

Mrs QUINTANA’s appraisal of the French-Spanish border (and above all of the French-Catalan border) is highly requested, and she intervenes not much locally (both in the South of France and Catalonia) as before the institutions of the European Union.

She has also written fact sheets (financed by the European Union) for professionals (CULTURPRO project).

Legal and linguistic competence

Professional Lawyer’s Certificate

Master’s degree in private law (Top of the class – with highest honors)

Master’s degree in Politics, Identities and Territories in Europe (Top of the class – with honors)

Postgraduate diploma in law of the national, international and European procedures.

Graduated in law and in Catalan at the University of Gerona (Spain) (with highest honors in both subjects)

Degree in foreign languages – Spanish, English, Catalan

University degree in legal English

SUMMER UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA, COLLEGE OF LAW : Business Enterprise Regulation and Finance (by the Pr. Stuart Cohn) ; International Financial Crime and Money Laundering, including Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity (by the Pr. Fletcher Baldwin, Jr.) - (Université de Montpellier - 34) 

International and cross-border appraisals

Presentations, teaching, research and appraisals since 2005 :


For the attention of the French professionals (in France), in particular :

- Congress about the impact of the French high-speed train (TGV) on the cross-border mobilities

 (2006 –   the Palace of the Kings of Majorca in Perpignan) ;

- Congress of European Law 2006 – Perpignan, Conference about the settlement of the pensions when   working in several European countries ;

- Congress about the workers’ mobility in 2008 – Convention Center - Perpignan, Speech “Mobility and Tax   System in Europe

For the attention of the Catalan and Spanish professionals (in the South of Catalonia)

- Presentation about the setting up of Spanish companies in France – Set of issues and solutions

- Training of staff at the Catalan employment agency (“SOC”) (Figueres) : French Law approach.

At the request of the cross-border and Community organizations Strasbourg-Kehl Euro-Institute

Oct. 2010 – Strasbourg : round table on “How attractive can cross-border territories be ?

The Council of Europe Colloquium "Build bridges across borders"» oct. 2010 in Strasbourg.

Presentation on cross-border cooperation and workers’ mobility.

Cross-border Catalan Euro-Institute : different presentations both in France and in Spain on the legal and tax aspects of borders and professional integration


Franco-Catalan cross-border Institute (Perpignan) (Master’s degree I & II in cross-border relationships)

Institute of Technology of Perpignan : lecture on Comparative Law France-Catalonia ; France-Spain : legal and tax aspects. (bachelor’s degree)

Institute of Company and Management Sciences – Montpellier 1 University (Comparative Business Law France/Spain – D.U. A.M.A.)


Applied research at the ICRESS in co-supervision (University of Perpignan – University of Gerona) : research theme: “From the legal and tax frame to the achievement of commercial activity within the cross-border Catalan area

Cross-border European program Interreg IV-A POCTEFA (Operational program of territorial cooperation Spain-France-Andorra) – initiated by the European Commission : CULTURPRO writer and adviser (training project conceived to reinforce the cross-border integration of the businessmen)

Author of a series of fact sheets for professionals (Tax systems, Business Law, Corporate Law, Administrative Organizations, Employment and Social Protection Law)

Maître Rose-Marie QUINTANA