A lawyer is a legal professional who is traditionally responsible for assisting and representing in litigation, particularly in the different courts. It is this role of defender which is the best known.

Nevertheless, it would be wrong to think that the lawyer can only intervene in case of dispute… Quite the opposite.

So, when and why should you call a lawyer?

A Lawyer is a legal technician who, due to their experience in institutions and courts, not only knows what the Law says but also what the judges say…A Lawyer is not only a professional then, but also a practitioner.

Thus, the lawyer will inform you and advise you on both the current state of the law (what Law says) and the repercussions of potential litigation, thanks to their experience of fiscal, administrative and judicial institutions.

Their expert opinion helps you to go beyond the simple matter of legality… to consider the opportunity, the adaptability, and, of course, the efficiency of any decision that needs to be made, to advise you.

Therefore, it’s only after a precise and complete analysis that your lawyer will be able to answer all your questions (consultations), draft documents (contracts mostly) and/or to seek a compromise in order to limit the risks of legal uncertainty.

That’s why it’s worth seeking advice from a lawyer prior to making any decision since, once involved in litigation and having brought the case to court, stalemate often arises, and, then, there is very little room for manoeuvre.

Please, note also that a Lawyer cannot only assist, represent and advise you, but is also authorised to certify your private agreements thanks to the Lawyer’s trust deed.

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